Thank you for joining us for the 2021 Green Infrastructure Summit of the Salish Sea! You can watch recordings of each session in the links below. 


Schedule of Events

This year's summit theme was “Evolving Green Infrastructure: Adapting Systems for Better Outcomes.“

9:00 - 9:10, March 25

Welcome, land acknowledgment, and agenda

Day 1 - Welcome

9:10 - 10:10, March 25

Problem Solving through Partnerships

​Session Lead: Hannah Kett​

  • "Working towards a Sustainable GSI Workforce" - Hannah Kett

  • "Transforming Unjust Funding Structures in Green Infrastructure: Closing the Gap Between Aspiration and Practice" - Pam Emerson 

  • "Washington Maritime Blue: Maritime Green Infrastructure through Collaboration & Joint Innovation" - Jennifer States

10:15 - 11:15, March 25

Whole Watershed Approaches/Urban-Rural Continuum

​Session Leads: Cameron Coronado and Kristi Carpenter​

  • "Salmon-Safe Evolution: New Approaches for Shifting Urban Development to Practices that Protect the Salish Sea" - Dan Kent, Molly Ray, and Theresa Fresco

  • "Evolving Living Shorelines: Design and Research to Restore our Urban Estuaries" - Jennifer Engelke, Nancy Rottle, Mason Bowles, George Thomas"

  • "Oyster Barrels and Clean Water-Dependent Business Perspectives from Mountains to Marine Waters" - Bill Dewey

11:20 - 12:30, March 25

Building Climate Resilience

​Session Lead: Ani Jayakaran

  • "Climate Change, Heavy Rains, and Stormwater" - Guillaume Mauger

  • "Results Using Climate Model Rainfall Projections in Urban and Rural Stormwater Designs and Planning for King County, Washington" - Jeff Burkey 

  • "Urban Forestry and Stormwater - the Nexus. Case studies from Snoqualmie" Philip Bennett, Lance Davisson, Zachary Christin 

  • "Planning for Stormwater Parks" - Erika Harris

  • "Cultivating Emotional Buy-In for Technical GSI Implementation" - Derek Hann

View the written Q&A for this session here.

12:45 - 2:00, March 25

Virtual Networking Session

Connect with the speakers and other attendees the the virtual networking platform Remo! Check out more information about this networking session here. 

9:00 - 9:05, March 26

Welcome and agenda

Day 2 - Welcome

9:05 - 10:05, March 26

Systems of Power/Access and Racial Equity

​Session Leads: Emma Norman and Cameron Coronado

  • "Adapting the Raingarden and Bioretention Assessment Protocol for a Wider Community Use" - Risa Suho, Elisha Gill, Aaron Clark, Tahmina Martelly, and Lucas McClish 

  • "Equity in GSI" - Rose Jordan and April Mendez​

  • "Urban Green Infrastructure in Seattle: Prioritizing System Needs and Community Voices" - Shasta McKinley, Brent Robinson, Dave LaClergue

  • "Working with Ethnic Media to Connect with Communities" - Mary Rabourn

10:10 - 11:10

Building Infrastructure Systems and Sharing Lessons for Future Projects

Session Lead: Dave Rodgers​

  • "GSI and Reimagining Healthy Public Spaces" - Dustin Atchison  

  • "GSI Assistance Program Models in Puget Sound" - Alison Schweitzer and Christie Lovelace

  • "Equinox 'Industrial Strength' GSI - Scaling Up and Supporting Local Businesses" - Cari Simson

  • "First Full-Scale Field Result of a Polishing Layer to Eliminate Nutrient and Metals Export from Bioretention Systems" - Dylan Ahearn & Shanti Colwell

11:15 - 12:15, March 26

Science and Pragmatism

​Session Lead: Derek Hann

  • "Embracing Co-Design in Stormwater Planning and an Example Project" - Jessica Engel and John Brosnan

  • "Adapting How We Find and Adopt Green Infrastructure Practices: Lessons Learned and Opportunities Identified from a Scan of Ports Across the USA, and the Regional Wellspring and Green Economy Initiatives" - Ryan Vogel & Stefano Mazzilli

  • "Adapting Green Technologies to Meet the Ongoing Needs of the Community" - Jacob Harris 

  • "Adapting Orcas Love Raingardens: A COVID Continuum" - Allie Campbell, Michelle Chow, Robb Krehbiel

12:15 - 1:00

Virtual Networking Session

This virtual networking session will take place over Remo. This lunch-time session is meant to be more informal networking time and is optional. Check out more information about this networking session here. 

1:00 - 2:00

Northern Watersheds

​Session Lead: Aaron Clark

  • Geographic Context - Emma Norman

  • "Lummi Wetland and Habitat Mitigation Bank" - Frank Lawrence III

  • "Arlington's Artificial Wetland, 10 Years of Integrated Water Management" - Mike Wolanek

  • "Bellingham - Modeling Collaboration from Bay to Baker; How Partners and Stakeholders Shape Bellingham's Approach to Restoration" - Eli Mackiewicz