Using Remo

We'll be using Remo for the virtual networking sessions on both days of the summit. Remo platform with a virtual room where you can move around to join different conversations. Double-click on the virtual tables that you want to join!

See the video below for full instructions on how to use Remo.


Day 1 Virtual Networking Session

12:45 - 2:00, March 25

Connect with the speakers and other attendees! During the networking session on Day 1, speakers will be hosting "Challenge Table" - conversations centered around their presentation topic. Check out our room layout with all the Challenge Tables below. Move around by double-clicking on the table you want to join.


Day 2 Virtual Networking Session

12:15 - 1:00, March 26

Connect with the speakers and other attendees! Our Day 2 virtual networking session is an informal networking session and is optional. Drop in during lunch before rejoining Zoom for our last Summit session at 1:00!